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Default Onkyo 805 set up questions/problems

I was the newbie that made the last post and went ahead and bought the 805. It arrived yesterday. I set it up, but have questions and maybe problems, just not sure.. Sorry, this is a little long...

First off, let me tell you my set up. I am not running 7.1 yet. Just 5.1. I use my Plastation 3 as DVD player. Both Playstation 3 and HD satellite are connected to 805 with HDMI cables, then HDMI into TV. I did the speaker set up by going through the steps with the mic placement.

Here are my questions: Since I am not running 7.1 yet, I hooked the my back speakers to surround L and R NOT Surround BL or BR. Is that correct set up?

Now my concers/problems. I put in a DVD (it wasn't BlueRay) the receiver defaulted to PL II Movie.. But only the two front speakers show to be on during the movie. NO center, SW or rears. Why is that happening. Am I not going to get surround sound if I'm not running 7.1? or is there something I should have done.

Also, when watching a HD channel such as football game. the receiver defaults to Dolby Digital, but I am still not getting surround..

also, I hooked my powered SW into the back according to instructions.. but it will start cutting out during play.. If I tap on it, it will come back on. but it still will eventually stop again. I had this problem before and thought my SW was bad and replaced it, so I know its not a SW issue.. I am wondering if it is a ground issue? The cable I use on the new SW has a wire coming out of both ends for, I assume grounding it. I ground both ends to screws on each unit. Is that correct? but it still cuts out.. so I un-hooked the ground lines, but don't know if that worked yet as the movie I watched was the example above and the SW was shown not to be on.. Any suggestions, Ideas about this issue?

Also, the receiver barely fits in my entertaiment center. Its glass. The unit is open on back and sides, but the top only has about 1" clearance before the next glass shelve. I read how these units get hot, is that enough ventilation or should I think about adding a fan?

I would like to add the two additional speakers, but the room we watch tv in is a unusual shape and I can't mount speakers in ceiling and run wires to unit.. Is there any wireless speakers on the market anyone is aware of.

Thanks again for the help and advice


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