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Default Re: I am thinking of getting an Audiophile only server

I for one think it's a great idea! I'll even take your Request off your hands and ease the pain of buying the Transporter! As far as an Audiophile only server?? Not clear what you mean, you should be fine with any computer you have lying around. I use my MAC Pro and keep all the music on it's own HD with an external backup just in case.

The interface on the Logitech devices works pretty well, but with huge music libraries like you have you will want something more to browse. This is one of the reasons I keep Airport Expresses in my systems, the iTunes interface is so damn easy to browse so I can be cooking with the laptop on the counter and hear anything I want and find it easily, but alas this system wouldn't work for MusicGiants.

BTW Have you downloaded any music from them or iTrax yet? I need to look into iTrax more, I love all the AIX discs I have, they sound so amazingly good!
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