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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
That is what's going to make this sale backfire, they are taking a beating price wise, & won't be selling that many more HD-DVD titles.

HD-DVD has always had more stand alone players than Blu-Ray but Blu-Ray has sold more software, could this be because people are using the cheaper HD-DVD players as upconverting DVD players & Blu-Ray players because of their higher prices are being bought by people that are more "in" to the High def experience & therefore are buying more Blu-Ray movies?
I believe it will be software that decides the war, not hardware.
Hey All...if I may throw my 2 cents in....

I am a hi-end custom installer, who tells his clients to get a combo player or a DVD server. My clients usually go with the Combo player (due to cost).
When I look at their collections of BR vs HD disc, the BR discs outnumber the HD discs 4 to 1.

I asked my clients why they prefer the BR over the HD discs?

Interesting answers....

1) "..Blu Ray has more of the titles that we wanted..."

2) "..there seems to be more Blur Ray discs avail in the stores..."

3) " I don't know...the Blu Ray covers look cooler "

Number 3 shocked me....but I think there is something to be said for the color BLUE? I'm sure
someone at the BR camp has done the Psych market research....but just look at
"Ratatouille" on Blu Ray's to "Tremors" on HD...or stare at "300" on BR and HD,
side by side....does your eye gravitate to the BR cover?

Mine does.

We geeks are caught-up on the technical specs of this and that. But most consumers are
"moths to a flame" ...what catches their eye....they will buy.

I know I'm reaching....but marketing is everything...

BTW...I prefer HD...but so many titles I want are on....BR

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