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Default Re: HDMI 1.3, Connectivity Issues?

Bob at PureLink responds: The HDCP handshake issue is complicated by the fact that there is no single standard by which it is implemented. Philips stuff works fine with Philips stuff, Panasonic with Pansonic, etc., but when consumers try ry to mix, for example the BellExpressVu device to an HP display, the two dont know how to talk to each other and there is trouble. The manufacturers dont even know how to fix it most of the time so consumers are stuck going back to component analog connections.

We test as many devices as possible before releasing a product. We update our firmware at least once a month to deal with the ever-evolving array of new devices and we will update our customers products within 24 hours if they send it to us. This subject is a bit of a moving target, like all technology issues. On the one hand, by having HDCP, you can watch HD content at 1080p, and listen to uncompressed 7.1 channel audio content, the best its ever been. On the other hand, to access that content, you must be in a secure environment, ie., HDMI with HDCP.

Is it worth it? Totally. v1.2 vs. v1.3 is not an issue.
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