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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Ken you are right on it bro. As a fellow physician i cannot stop marveling at the monomaniacal workaholics populating the medical profession, who have money but care little about refinement apart from just being like the Joneses in their subdivision and getting a big plasma and some puny speakers screwed into a 50k oak-trim false wall hiding the other components of their system, usually a mid-end Onkyo or Denon receiver and CD/DVD players. Their "HiFi" dealer charged 50k, and OMG, look at the beautiful woodwork hiding everything. A casual walk behind the double wall reveals 16AWG wiring and messy connections, well this is the story of most of my successful "audiophile" colleagues sipping Hennessy while "auditioning" their compressed audio format collection that sounds like pure xxxx

I guess that everything is relative, so when you don't know better you think you have the best.

I know a dealer in Columbus who took the time and effort to treat the room, position and calibrate, where i just get lost sitting on that sofa auditioning SACDs. I spend up to an hour just chatting over the latest equipment, lossless audio or BD/HDDVD, i learn every time i go there. We need more owner/salesmen like him. Otherwise the teenagers BestBuy and CC will become our A/V educators

Sadly, too many of us, including dealers, subscribe to the "ready-to-wear" culture, from the McDonald's breakfast, the stale drink they try to pass for espresso at Starbucks, to the uninspired expensive automobiles we drive.

It is this culture that breeds the dinosaurs you talk about.

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