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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Hear! Hear! Had I been in the audience that day, I would have been the one whistling and giving an "Amen!" in the back. I totally agree. Having been a salesman for a now defucnt mid-fi west coast chain, I really understand the need for such inovation if the industry is to survive. Judging by the audiences reactions, however, I fear we will be doomed to an MP3/WMA/AAC world. That sucks! Soon, we will indeed be left with nothing more than Fry's, Costco, and perhaps Best Buy will be thought of as "hi-end" (ouch!).

I watch as the real Hi-end dealers are passively allowing themselves to be marched off to the goolog.

p.s. I assume jtmjnow was being sarcastic. If not, my response is this: Try driving Marlo's with a mid-fi reciever. Most will fart out the dynamic range like a back-firing Studabaker.
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