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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
Howard Stringer is now "recanting" his speech from about 10 days ago in which he made it sound like Sony is wavering on Blu-ray support. He now is saying that Sony feels extremely strong about the Blu-ray format and expects it to win.

However, in the same speech he says that Blu-ray players won't sink much below $400 and that Blu-ray is not the cheapest technology, but it is the best.

What a laugh that is. I hope Stringer is prepared to go down in flames if their players won't go below $400. Sony just doesn't learn. People don't care which format is better, they care which format is more affordable and works. Betamax was a better format, but hey looky VHS won. Stringer talks about the PS3 for $399 and that it is a Blu-ray player. Hello? So what. Average consumers don't want a game station connected to their system, they want a slimline DVD looking standalone player. Is Sony expecting everyone to use a game controller to control their Blu-ray players or buy a separate bluetooth remote? Somehow I just don't see that happening.
Translation: The Peace talks died.

I don't see how he thinks they can win, they're about to lose two studios to the HD DVD camp: WB and New Line.
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