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Cool Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by oscar_in_fw View Post
I'll agree Warner going exclusive would end this war; provided that format is Blu-Ray. Both I expect Sony/Fox/Disney are staunch Blu-ray supporters and won't go down easily. All three of these major studios are producing Blu-rays which cannot be easily transferred to HD DVD because of the storage/bandwidth limitations; said limitations being the public reason why Disney selected Blu-ray. Plus Region coding/BD+ are pluses for these studios.

Also, it would be premature to judge a probable HD-A2 closeout sale as a turning point in the format war. It could simply be a desperate move or a let's dump all the HD DVD players before Toshiba gives up the fight after Christmas. How many A2s/A3s are available for sale and at what price ? Can they duplicate this sale on Black Friday or other weekends the rest of the year ? Or will the $98 HD DVD player owner be shy about buying $30 HD DVDs ? or will he/she be upset when they find out it won't play the Sony/Fox/Disney Blu-rays ?
thats dumb if toshiba was dumping there players there would be a fire sale on all there players.
that a2 sale was planned along time ago.
your loyalty to blu-ray is great but if warners go hd dvd other studios will follow.
there not gonna leave money on the table.
by the way bd+ was cracked already so much for bd haveing the edge there.
i own a player for both formats and fail to see why bd supporters keep saying bd is better.
in fact there too much alike.
hd dvd has the edge in profiles right from launch pip etc.
another thing people forget is you get a dinger in a bd disc you cant fix it,its toast.
and because most of us have profile 1.0 players ,down the road bd profile 1.1 discs may ...i say may not play in our players now.
blu-ray is not the great format all the bs tells you,in fact they got along way to go ..if they get that kind of time.
hd dvd is set up to win this thing if they can get jp6 to bite . by the way hd dvd is testing there 51g disc so bd lost the edge there say hd dvd is desperate is the party line we hear all the time from the bda.there the ones who are in the desperate mode ,but they just try to cover it up.
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