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Cool Re: FOX needs to get a clue. $40 for DIE HARD?

you should see the retail prices here in UK.... Fox charge for DH4 around UK Pounds 27 (US$ 50-55).... at HMV branches on London's Oxford Street.... their "top" prices for single disc editions are an almighty UK Pounds 29 (US$ 58-60) !!!!! Just like the old laserdisc days!!! A couple of months back I bought "Speed" , a blockbuster in its day.... and guess what? They rated this as a top-of-the line release at the full UK Pounds 29 (US$ 58-60)!!!!!
No wonder they are complaining about a lack of consumer interest here.... Yes, we can also buy them online from Amazon, and others, but the price saving here is not as great as that offered to US sites.... We might save around US$ 10, approx.

Looks like for 2008 I gots to get me a US PS3 ('cos we are region 'B' here in Europe) or maybe even a dual-format player, so that I can take better advantage of US pricing.... on average my US supplier at DVD World USA offers us pricing at UK Pounds 13.99-17.99 delivered.... and then I could avail myself of the massive US Blu-Ray catalog that we simply don't get here.... same as with DVD titles, AND laserdsic before then....

But.... in my opinion, all of the Fox BD discs in my collection are extremely well put together in their mastering, with AVC codecs from the off (well, certainly here in Europe) as well as extremely high bit rates for MPEG4, resulting in superb quality.... giving us the quality in picture and sound that looks more like the real deal.... This coming 'holidays' we see the release of Master and Commander which will be fantastic.... but, please, can anyone "over there" tell me when we can expect to see classics such as Alien/Aliens or preferably,because it WILL be cheaper, the whole boxset on Blu-Ray???? I am hungry for it!

I've tried a couple of Warners BD discs in the UK, and they had poor bitrates, so were identical to their HD DVD counterparts. I believe I am correct in saying, and from I've SEEN, Warners simply use the HD DVD master to duplicate for BD production, thereby negating any benefit the BD format might have.... to say they looked a bit "ropey" is an undersatement... unless WB have improved their discs in the past 3-6 months?

This is Chipmonk in London signing off....
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