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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Howard Stringer is now "recanting" his speech from about 10 days ago in which he made it sound like Sony is wavering on Blu-ray support. He now is saying that Sony feels extremely strong about the Blu-ray format and expects it to win.

However, in the same speech he says that Blu-ray players won't sink much below $400 and that Blu-ray is not the cheapest technology, but it is the best.

What a laugh that is. I hope Stringer is prepared to go down in flames if their players won't go below $400. Sony just doesn't learn. People don't care which format is better, they care which format is more affordable and works. Betamax was a better format, but hey looky VHS won. Stringer talks about the PS3 for $399 and that it is a Blu-ray player. Hello? So what. Average consumers don't want a game station connected to their system, they want a slimline DVD looking standalone player. Is Sony expecting everyone to use a game controller to control their Blu-ray players or buy a separate bluetooth remote? Somehow I just don't see that happening.
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