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Thumbs up Re: IS THIEL Crazy Opening Crutchfield?

Maybe the catalog does reach more consumers. I`ll give you that. And if your saying this is the trend in the future, I don`t know about? Yes, maybe people do not respond like years past in reading a review, then coming into the audio salon with there Stereophile, Consumer Reports, etc. in their hand. This happened often when I sold AV equipment.
But, would you really buy a pair of speakers like Thiel, or any pair of speakers w/o hearing them first? Sure, you can box em up and return them, but who wants to be bothered with that?

I would hate to think that Sound by Singer, The Listening Room, CSA, etc. would have to close there shops and sell high end audio that way.
Have they gone too far? I just believe that the audiophile dealer as you so eloquently said, has not done enough in the past to market there products. And, be friendly in general to the consumer. That to me, has always been the issue. Profit margins aside. If they would have done this earlier, I feel we are not having this discussion.
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