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Default Re: Surround speakers

I use an array just the like in the cinema, doesnít matter if itís a small cinema or a large auditorium with up to 42 loudspeakers placed down the sidewalls and along the back wall, just as long as it works with pleasing effect.

I use up to at present 7 loudspeakers for the surrounds to give total control over where I want the sound to be heard and enjoyed, nothing more nothing less.

Thereís a few other (home cinema techniques) that I use here to give a film a good driving force of performance with a few larger type JBL placed in the rear corners.

Nearly all the loudspeakers are JBL except for one sub bass extension system thatís used to enhance the low end energy, where smaller loudspeakers based on physical technical tolerances canít reproduce, is sent to the sub bass extension.

Surrounds are commonly found in a (horseshoe configuration) in cinemas this is how it should be laid out in the home along the sidewalls and along the back wall.
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