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Default Re: FOX needs to get a clue. $40 for DIE HARD?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Die Hard 4 should be the cheapest Blu-ray disc yet, along with Spider Man 3 and Ratatouille. Those three films going into the holiday shopping season would be enough for fence sitters to jump on the Blu-ray train. But like all things Blu-ray they're pricing themselves out of the market yet again. While most savvy shoppers will jump on-line and pick up DH4 for less, the vast majority of consumers still get their content by traditional means. BB displays Blu-ray discs along side SD DVD's and when looking at the yellow tag with the price, one being 13.99 and the other being 39.99 the decision for 99.9% of consumers out there is a no brainer. This is just plain silly on Sony's part.
To be fair the MSRP of that $13.99 disc is $29.99 isn't it? So one is getting sold at MSRP the other is heavily discounted.

To me the worst is, that to get the Unrated version where McClane and others cuss you must get the DVD version. My only problem with DH4 was the fact that you could tell they dubbed lines (and frequently) to get a PG13 rating. The uncut version likely seems more like a Die Hard film and less "Weird," from all the dubbing.
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