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Default Re: What is the best rear projection HDTV currently?

Just for the hell of it I went to my local Best Buy yesterday (after dumping the wife and mother-in-law off at Marshals) and looked at all the offerings, since I'm considering a new TV too.

The Sony looked very good to me... but everyone seems to look for different things in TV's - just like everyone seems to like different things in the audio system. Go check them out in person and see what you like best - this is very important when it comes to sizing too.

I was considering a 60" - but when I "get real" and consider how close my couch is to where my TV is going to be I think it's a bit much. To my eye a 55" is a better fit.

To those with a 70" - unless you are about 30' away it would be way overwhelming to me - and be reminiscent of sitting on the front row of a movie theater like when I was 12 and trying to get to first base with Kelly Davis - but I digress....

My point is.... everyone likes different things so go check them out for yourself!

PS - Yes I got to first base with Kelly - then she dumped me... and then I got to 2nd base with her best friend Shannon!
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