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Default Re: FOX needs to get a clue. $40 for DIE HARD?

Die Hard 4 should be the cheapest Blu-ray disc yet, along with Spider Man 3 and Ratatouille. Those three films going into the holiday shopping season would be enough for fence sitters to jump on the Blu-ray train. But like all things Blu-ray they're pricing themselves out of the market yet again. While most savvy shoppers will jump on-line and pick up DH4 for less, the vast majority of consumers still get their content by traditional means. BB displays Blu-ray discs along side SD DVD's and when looking at the yellow tag with the price, one being 13.99 and the other being 39.99 the decision for 99.9% of consumers out there is a no brainer. This is just plain silly on Sony's part.
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