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Default Re: Best sounding DVD-Audio discs

Needless to say, the "higher resolution" technology used to create some of the more recent masters, can easily deliver more clarity and a wider dynamic range than many of the Classic Rock "oldies."

But, for me, the Best Sounding DVD-A surround remix, will always be Queen "A Night At the Opera."

Setting aside the possibility that some people simply do not like "sounds coming from behind them", Bohemian Rhaposdy is one masterpiece that truly belongs in 5.1 surround!

I was very fortunate to be able to hang out in the studio during that mixing session, and the enthusiasm expressed by Brian May was VERY inspiring. He literally jumped around the studo in constant joy, as Elliot Scheiner masterfully "painted the entire room" with these complex arrangements.

And Brian, at one point during the BO-RHAP remix, proudly proclaimed that this 5.1 re-mix would, for the first time, enable Queen fans to experience the full theatrical presentation that they had envisioned when composing these "dramatic" tracks.

If you have never experienced these 5.1 music tracks on a great playback system, do yourself a big favor and cue up The Prophet's Song... and just sit quietly for 8:21, while this extaordinary band takes you on a truly magical ride.

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