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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I've seen this guys system on several sites. His main rig is unquestionable the butt ugliest system in the world! His secondary system with the Avant Garde Trios is pretty cool, I always thought that one one of the best looking speakers made.

As for my rig, any time you are in the Tampa area, drop me a line and come by!
That is cool. If I take this training class for ISF cerrtification, I`ll look you up. For that class is in Florida. I must find out where.
Yes, the Avant Garde trios do look cool in a weird way. I thought maybe they were at HE2007? I`m not sure. I looked in a room quickly, and thought I saw some speaker, that looked like them. But I was on my way out, and did not stay.

Yes, those speakers are not good on the eyes, his wife must have her own system somewhere else in the house. Also, very big. They must sound great, HOPEFULLY!!!
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