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Default Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood

The Honda fuel cell cars will test early next year in LA. You can only lease the vehicles and I belive it will run you somewhere around a grand to do so. The cars must be "refuled" at select Honda dealers which I believe is around two (at the moment). Also, they have a max range of 270 miles before needing to be filled up.

They're no different in terms of style than a typical Civic. They'll just have more stickers on them letting the world know you care more about the enviorment they they do. =)

Personally, I like all the R&D car companies are doing however, there are clean, green and more cost effective ways to get our current cars running like champs (with actual horse power) and drinking very little. I believe Texaco bought the patent for a traditional engine that could do 100mpg back in the late 70's I think. They bought it from a guy before GM could because they didn't want to loose money in oil sales. There are plenty of ways to get more out of cars already on the road. Hell a diesel VW will do better than a Prius in terms of MPG but they won't let them come over here.

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