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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

No, I was not focusing on Blu-Ray. Though we all know, that Blu-Ray has had far more of those updates, than HD DVD. Andrew and kennyt on this forum, are tired of this stuff. Leaning now more to HD DVD because most of the Toshiba units just work, without the hassle.

I don`t want to deal with it either. I mean, come on guys, after work, family, kids, working out, church, whatever you do, when its time to get busy and you want to hear some tunes, this kind of hassle should not be there. You just want to sit down, take your slippers and socks off, and chill and get into. To see, firmware update on your HDTV, is not what I call fun.

I know there is a segment of this hobby that is into tweaking everything. I`ve never been one of those. So, updates, by anyone, will not help. akbungle had it right. No focus specifically on any format, can I just rent my HD movie, push eject, push play and chill?

That should not be to much to ask.
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