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Default Re: HD DVD/ Blu ray into pre/pro

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
Some of the higher end companies (Lexicon, Sunfire, etc.) have made receivers in addition to the separates. I like separates better for the performance and flexibility. But, some receivers cost as much as separates, have more flexibility, and are reaching the performance of many separates. Also, with the hook up issues and adding more and more components (HD DVD & BD) people that don't have huge racks are running out of room.
Yes, receivers have definitely gotten closer. I mean, I remember that high end magazines would not even review a receiver in their mags. Times, have definitely changed. That is why I said, I mean, I`m for separates too, especially if high power and inefficient speakers are the order of the day. But, though everything is in one box, which was the old argument as why not to buy a receiver, the reviews that Andrew and others have done, prove that home theater receivers are more than a viable solution for todats solutions.
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