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Cool Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
This is the whole reason for the war.

Sony had BD in "development," and it was found that new lines for replication would be needed, etc. The price of the laser array was expensive. The discs needed "Caddies," otherwise they'd be unwatchable if scratched at all.

So Toshiba went and researched alternatives. They found one that would cost less, and use the same depth on a disc as DVDs thus replication lines would just need adjustments.

Toshiba had the less expensive route, and the DVD Forum behind them. Knowing that consumers only truly care about money spent, Sony went all out to find a way to get Studios to be exclusive to their camp.

So we're now at war because the industry itself already figured that out.

What they forgot was the SACD vs DVD A resolution: death to both formats because consumers don't care about wars. They mainly sit them out.

This isn't like choosing satelite over cable.
Correct, and unfortunately, as long as the AV industry or high end community continues to produce these kind of wars and confusion, it wil be hard to adopt a broader base of high end lovers. I`m sure they are out there, but we continue to move them farther away, rather than closer.

When my friends used to come over to hear my system, there was no question in their minds about, whether they could hear the difference, they acknowledged it.
The question was, expense, difficulty of setup, and ease of use. With all of this technology,
will still haven`t figured it out yet.
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