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It is really interesting, if you think about it. Onkyo especially, as well as Yamaha, Integra, Denon, and even Sunfire, all have high quality, decent powered, receivers with the new HDMI inputs and outputs. But, the ultra high end companies that make separates, do not.

I pose a question here that I posed in another thread, will home theater receivers, start to replace separates, as the hub or center of systems in the future?
Which will raise the old debated question for years, which is better, receivers or separates? I don`t really see people questioning that right now!!

And, and less you have Wilson Watt puppies, Revels Salons, Avalon Isis speakers that require a high powered amp, the home theater receiver might now be the ticket. Power, features, XM or Sirius radio, HDMI inputs and outputs, connections for your universal player as well, RS232 and zoning capability, the receiver is packed with goodies.
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