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Default 10 minutes to turn on and spool up my theater

Knowing I was going to have some people over for the final Sopranos, about an hour before the show, I went into my theater to get everything cued up.

I assumed that people might want the demo. Here is what I did (tell me if this sounds crazy or not)

1. Got ESPN HD going with a BRaves game to make sure the projector was warm and looking good.
2. Checked my TiVo that it was set to record "Made in America" with plenty of time left at the end (little did I know about the ending - screw you David Chase)
3. Spun up Getz and Gilberto in my Sony SACD player and paused it.
4. Spun up Audioslave's "tell me how to live" on Dual Disc and paused it.
5. Cued up a hot scene from Mouon Rouge on D-VHS and stopped the tape there.
6. Cued up the second scene from XXX on Blu-ray (a good demo).
7. Waited almost 3 monutes to get Apollo 13 cued up and paused on chapter 4 on my HD DVD player.
8. Went back to the Braves game and dimmed the lights on my Crestron...

All of this took me 10 minutes. I said to my wife, remember when I could switch any sorce from anywhere like it was no big deal? Se looked at me funny. Even with a fully installed and programmed sytem with a Crestron, RS232 etc... This stuff is SO COMPLICATED!!!!!

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