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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray? NO

Originally Posted by merv46 View Post
It would be nice if the two could come together in some way, however, i would dought that they would deep six the better of the two formats which is really blu ray. Having both formats in my home, they are both identical in picture quality and audio quality, but lately some of the studios have nixed lossless audio on hddvd i guess because of space limitations. This has aggravated me to the point of hoping that the two could somehow put it together so we all could stop picking sides and just enjoy hd, and do it soon!
They will never merge, and Sony will never abandon BD.

So whatever they're trying to do has to allow both to co-exist peacefully.

I think the only way that can happen is Studio Neutrality. BD has a big enough base right now, and brand name recognition that by the time neutrality became reality they could have prices down to be very competitive. Then they can see if their better specs would win.
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