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Default Re: has lost its Cred?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Threads like this cause this forum to lose credibility. Can we have a rationale discussion about a topic like this without wild speculation, sensationalized editorializing, and taking things grossly out of context? Is this Fox news or a respectable journal? The content of your post is largely balanced but your wording of your topic header is reckless and smells of adolescent-debate tactics.

Of course these comments by Sony's CEO are pointed and worthy of good discussion. There's good fodder for some good debate in there. But to try to suggest from them that Sony is abandoning Blu-ray is not only ridiculous, its irresponsible journalism. Let's try to preserves some sense of integrity on this site, shall we?



Are you sure you mean what you say?

Put the headline aside or call it Fox News-like if you must but you clearly know the difference between and the rest of the other AV publications out there - right?

Let's start with audited readerships. (according to IM Services Group) in June of 2006 had 650,371 total monthly readers (532,000 unique). That is more audited readers than the print versions of Sound _ Vision, Home Theater Mag and Stereophile COMBINED. That doesn't mention UNAUDITED publications and web properties in the market who you should really be directing your "cred" issues at.

Wanna compare my reference system with other editors. I don't make this point to brag as much as to show that I live and invest deeply to walk the walk and talk the talk of an ULTRA-HIGH-END, HD format driven, installed theater and home automation system. Can the editors of other publications and webzines say that? Add in the reference systems of my editorial staff to the argument (see Andrew Robinson and Ken Taraszka's systems for examples) and you will see my point. We LIVE HD. We live high end audio. We live home automation...

That brings be back to the forum. The IDEA of the forum is for debate. Unlike Gingrich Neo-con politics - I think there is a place for civil debate in this world. If you want to fight - look up and go there. There are a bunch of guys looking to make small talk and throw around insults. If you want to have YOUR SAY with the editors and publisher of the largest audited home theater publication in the world - welcome to That is our goal - no matter if you think a headline is salacious or not. The conversation is better here.
Excellent post sir, as a person in the HD-DVD camp - I can't but help give Blu-ray its props! Like I've said before - if Blu-ray would come down to a price point that I can afford (and it has for a PC combo player) I would buy it. Speaking of your reference systems - Man! I can only imagine having stuff like that. I look at some of the systems here and it makes me "ashamed" (for lack of a better term) to show mine! Don't get me wrong - I'm happy with my system and content - but if any of you wanted to feel charitable I would gladly accept (it doesn't hurt to ask)! Your systems are just fabulos! Mine is very dynamic, but you guys are in another league - that's one of the reasons I'm proud to be a part of this forum!
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