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Default Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood

Lately I have been driving a Honda Element, while no gas miser, it gets 23 MPG, compared to my CLK 55 cab @ 19, what is the real difference in cost per year to me? I drive ~10,000 miles per year, so I need 520 gallons for the Benz, 420 for the Element, so even at $4 per gallon, it comes to about a dollar a day.....

Is this going to disuade you from buying the car you pine for? For me no, it won't. I would love to own and older deisel and run old cooking fuel, but I doubt I would put up with the hassle to do it, so I'll keep the Benz, and primarily drive the Element and not worry.

If gas goes to $10/gallon, maybe my feelings would change, but for now, I am OK.
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