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Default Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood

When I was driving to work from your house during the fires I was behind a black Carrera GT. While not a huge Porsche fan, I have to tip my hat to the Carrera GT. It is a work of art. Yet if you want to compare engine noise the Italians have it made although the new V8 Vantage from Aston Martin comes in at a close second.

I stopped by the LA Auto Show (wasn't great this year) and got a peek at the new Maserati Gran Tourismo. Man is that a good looking car. For a little over $100K or Porsche 911 Turbo money you get all the comfort of luxury sedan (think Maybach) with a Ferrari 430 under the hood. Seriously, this car is all business. The best part is, with the Gran Tourismo's release the prices of the Grand Sports (my favorite Maserati) are dropping like a White House intern.
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