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Default Re: iTunes: Childs' play thing or true media server software?

I am a long time Apple user. as a company is almost 100% mac based.

With that said, I treat iTunes as a very valueble front end but not much past that. For example, I love the ease of listening to a HUGE quantity of music on it, Internet radio etc... But I don't think it is a useful tool for managing your music collection on your hard drives. I manually rename and organize my music that I have ripped in that ever time I make a change to a file name in iTunes - it doesn't effect the main file.

for me, there is something refreshing about throwing away your entire iTunes library and starting over. Your iPod and playlists get a whole new outlook on life. You might try some music from your main collection that you wouldn't normally (right now I am suffering through some LAME Janis Joplin because of this) as well as find some new tracks you didn't realize you loved so much. At this level - iTunes has made me and millions like me rethink the way I listen to music.
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