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Default another newbie with lots of questions

I am trying to upgrade my receiver and am confused about some things.

1. HDMI connections for the receivers..

Currently I have a Playstation 3 and HD Satellite receiver connected via 2 HDMI's into the back of my tv which supports 1080i, then go out of tv to receiver audio input via 2 RCA cables.

with a new receiver that supports HDMI inputs.. what woud be best set up.. would it be connecting playstation and satellite into receiver with HDMI cables, then go out of receiver with HDMI into TV? If so, see question 2

2. Not sure how the HDMI receiver works.. if I connected into receiver first, do I loose picture quality vs. connecting HDMI directly into back of TV?

also, looking to spend around $700-$1000. I was looking at Pioneer Elite VSX-91TXH. Can get on Ebay for around $700..

But after reading some reviews. I see other suggestions.. So what else would you suggest.

thanks all for your help!
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