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Default $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood

Running some errands today, I stopped and paid $4.00 per gallon for 89 octane gas. OUCH. It might be lining the pockets of George W. Bush's oil company buddies but it is going to put a MAJOR STRAIN on the US economy if these prices stick. I know there is a "terrorism tarrif" on the price based less in reality (meaning the cost to pump the oil out of the ground) than fear of another attack but still - this is getting silly. Shipping that plasma will not cost the same going forward.

While at the gas station that also sells $9.50 per gallon 107 octane race fuel, I saw another schmuck pumping said fuel into his BRAND NEW silver Porsche Carrara GT. Of all of the super cars (Enzo, Mercedes SLR etc..) I like the GT the best. It sounded SO VERY MEAN when it fired up. My twin turbo is just a toy in comparison!!!!!
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