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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

That is our goal - no matter if you think a headline is salacious or not. The conversation is better here.
I didn't say that the credibility of your journal or your reviews is in question. I said that such a salaciouis and obviously sensationalizing thread header calls into question the credibility of this *forum* especially when it's created by a memeber of its moderating staff. And it does, despite the other fine attributes you list.

If you value the respect that these other attributes have earned you and your site/publication in other regards, then I suggest you extend the same balance and excellence to your choice of thread-headers to continue that tradition here in the forum and be careful to avoid presenting topics in an exaggerated fashion to spurn contrived debate.

Debate is fine when it's balanced discussion about legitimate topics based on reasonable information. Suggesting that Sony is about to drop Blu-ray is about as far from those criteria as a thread-starter can possibly get, no matter who she or he may happen to be.

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