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Smile Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

I give praise to companies that do a good job, but I also tell everyone I can when I'm treated poorly. I live in Jacksonville, FL and too many other high-end shops to go to for me to be treated poorly.

I will give props to Mitsubishi. I bought a 60" 1080i when HD was first beginning to show up in TVs. I, also, bought a Mitsu DVD player for like $1000.00 at the time. When HD programming finally became available in my area I found out that I needed an external decoder to attach between my TV and the incoming signal. I searched and searched and it was going to cost me $500.00.

I called Mitsu several times and sent emails. I told them I post online and like to write the various trade publications that I subscribe to. They told me they would give me one (a decoder), but "please don't mention it so everyone wouldn't want one for free". I haven't ever mentioned it until now. They have won me over and I always consider their products first.
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