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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Outlaw's gear DOES lack HDMI but with an inexpensive switcher - you could do your swithing externally and still save a TON of money. THey also treat their clients like GOLD...
This may be petty, but I tried to buy from outlaw and it was so much trouble that I gave up and bought Rotel locally.

The online person I dealt with was very short and came across hateful and seemed to care less if I bought or not (take it or leave it).

I wanted a multi-channel amp to run my pool/rock speakers. I picked out the amp and tried to order it online. They stated they couldn't tell me exactly what day or an aprx. time for delivery, yet required a signature. You couldn't waive the signature part. They also, wouldn't allow delivery to my work unless I changed the billing address on my credit card to my work address. I have had many things delivered to work because I am not at home during the day. I couldn't plan on being home to receive it because they didn't know when it would be delivered. I gave up!
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