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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
How about the fact that Blu-Ray has some studio support that the other side doesn't & has more studio support than HD-DVD?
That is the reason for the Stalemate, both sides have exclusive agreements. Currently price is driving the standalone player fight.

well "one guy at Toshiba told me" isn't facts, it's rumors by someone that is biased because Toshiba signs his checks!
Ok, you're right. Toshiba signs his checks so he is going to lie about what he helped develop? What makes more sense, that Toshiba designs a disc to work with their current technology, gets it approved, and has Studios working on titles for it, with one preparing to show some titles at CES, or that Toshiba designed a disc that would make all previous models obsolete and put it into production?

Just is doing the name calling here??
I can't think of any other way to describe them. Perhaps I should refer to them as a Lemming? When this was the BD DL discs I thought the people spreading the same type of rumors were idiots. So if someone does the same thing for the other format, I'm also going to think of them as idiots. No real reason has been given that an extra layer won't work just fine.

Are they still building the $99 units or just selling off stock that was sitting in warehouses?If they are not building new $99 units they most likely will not keep that rate of hardware sales up.
They also dropped the price of the A3 to $199 for that weekend, and a good chunk of that 90,000 was A3s. 30,000 HD DVD players have sold since the weekend from what I hear, and NPD should be reporting that soon. That means $199 moves the players pretty briskly as well.

I believe that the majority of people that bought the $99 models will not buy many if any HD-DVD's, they will have the freebies that came with it & rent any others, that's not going to help software sales much.
I'll say it again, the studios care about sales of their movies, not Toshiba's hardware.
Right but you're wrong. We already have that week's software sales numbers in and they did in fact buy software. Wal-Mart and Best Buy (the two major places with the $98 players) have had trouble stocking the better HD DVD titles.

Only for 18 months & only after they were paid $150 million.
Right because Sony didn't counter offer. The number is much less than that when you consider that Sony was willing to counter.

There were over 120 million Playstation 2's sold & I'd bet a very large percentage of those owners are wanting a PS3, with the price drops & new games coming out the PS3 will start to snowball.
Why isn't SEGA doing great then? Their Genesis player was a huge market holder. Wait, the gamers don't care about previous generation consoles. They care about what is in the current console and not the previous one.

The 360 already has a much, much, much bigger chunk of realestate than they had with the XBOX. The PS2 still outsells the PS3 every month too.

The PS3 is distorting software sales numbers?? If by that you mean a lot more PS3 owners are buying Blu-Ray movies than anyone expected then I agree.
Oh God no, they're buying about 1/10th the number of discs that Sony was telling the industry the PS3 would do. It's not the BD Trojan Horse it was labelled as. It is helping push the product however. The low number who do buy still out number the current standalone player numbers. Thus the distortion.

Sony put it in the PS3 for an edge in the format war, and it's worked. If they hadn't then you'd have already seen some Studios declare neutrality from their camp.

As for diminishing returns I'll again point you to the PS2 base of over 120 million most of whom want a PS3, it'll be a long time before there are diminishing returns.
Except PS3 sales have slowed down, and will pick up for the holiday season, that's a given. However they will slow back down again. The PS3 is just not moving like it was before. It's currently ranked THIRD in the next gen battle. At some point the Wii is going to take the top spot from the 360.

It's a different landscape, and by looking at previous numbers we can see that there will be a point of diminishing returns. Because the PS3 sold it's majority of consoles within 3 months of release. The heat has died down substantially.

While I don't have anyone in management at Sony on speed dial I'm betting a $299 or $249 Blu-Ray player will be out soon & people will pay $50 to $100 more for it because they have more studio support.
I hear next Summer, but I don't think that is soon enough.

I don't know who you are or what your industry contacts are but you have no credibility by using headlines like "Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?"
If you actually knew anything about the CE business you'd know that Sony has no intentions of "pulling the plug".
Not my headline. This is an editorial by AVREVOLUTION. I don't think Sony will be dropping anything, but I think they're trying hard to fix the stalemate issue.
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