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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
I have no problem with the HD-DVD 51GB discs.
The fan boy comment was on what you said.
With the unnecessary color commentary, and now are you contradicting yourself about the DL BD discs or was that just another convenient jab?

... laughed it off as more negative BS from the BD camp...
... but I suppose the BD triple layer and quad layer BDs will work just fine right?" Then he laughed some more.
Just as there was no reason the BD DLs shouldn't have worked fine (but some online were saying wouldn't work with their players).
It's more negativity from opposing camps because they fear losing or some nonsense.

I sound just as dumb and ignorant as the idiots.... ?
Wow talk about negative.
Wow. Ok so you call me names because I quote someone who is very much in the HD DVD camp?

Weird. And yes you do sound just like those guys who thought that a disc made for a certain format wouldn't work on players for that format. It's just not that smart. We've been given no real reason to believe otherwise.

Wait. At CES 2006 there was a slide show, it was the first to mention the 51GB discs, and it stated if memory serves something like "if technical stability can support production," or somesuch. That is where the rumors started that the discs might not work. I however asked someone about it at CES and was told it was referring to replication and not to compatibility with a player.

Since then the rumor has spread and mostly by people who have no idea what they're talking about. Just as there was a rumor that BD DL discs wouldn't work on current BD players when they came out, because a VP at microsoft called the discs "a fantasy," months before their release. He should have said "vaporware," but his term caused a lot of people to make some pretty absurd claims.
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