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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I'd love it if BD was priced aggressively, had all studio support, etc. I'd buy it hands down.

The problem is their is a less expensive unit out there that gives you 95% of the performance and it has some Studio support the other side doesn't have.
How about the fact that Blu-Ray has some studio support that the other side doesn't & has more studio support than HD-DVD?

So I don't understand why you BD backers attack the information. It's just as stupid HD DVD backers attacking facts. It's dumb.
well "one guy at Toshiba told me" isn't facts, it's rumors by someone that is biased because Toshiba signs his checks!

Go to AVS and start calling people names over there.
You sound just as dumb and ignorant as the idiots who said BD DL discs wouldn't work.
It's just juvenile.
It's just as stupid HD DVD backers attacking facts. It's dumb
Just is doing the name calling here??

I think they care about attachment rates. I think they care that one side seems to be gaining steam in sales for hardware. With the attachment rates they can see that if Toshiba produces a steady amount of hardware sales (100,000 per month would do it) then they'd surpass BD in software sales by April/May.
Are they still building the $99 units or just selling off stock that was sitting in warehouses?
If they are not building new $99 units they most likely will not keep that rate of hardware sales up.
I believe that the majority of people that bought the $99 models will not buy many if any HD-DVD's, they will have the freebies that came with it & rent any others, that's not going to help software sales much.
I'll say it again, the studios care about sales of their movies, not Toshiba's hardware.

Hmmm... Paramount and Dreamworks already did.
Only for 18 months & only after they were paid $150 million.

Wow PS3 had one good week and everything is fixed.
There were over 120 million Playstation 2's sold & I'd bet a very large percentage of those owners are wanting a PS3, with the price drops & new games coming out the PS3 will start to snowball.

BD players just aren't selling. PS3 is distorting software sales numbers, and yes the Studios do care, because there are already millions of PS3s out there, and another 300,000 for the month of November won't mean that much. They will approach a point of diminishing returns.
The PS3 is distorting software sales numbers??
If by that you mean a lot more PS3 owners are buying Blu-Ray movies than anyone expected then I agree.
As for diminishing returns I'll again point you to the PS2 base of over 120 million most of whom want a PS3, it'll be a long time before there are diminishing returns.

Sony needs to get a $300 unit or less out there ASAP. The consumer cares about price.
While I don't have anyone in management at Sony on speed dial I'm betting a $299 or $249 Blu-Ray player will be out soon & people will pay $50 to $100 more for it because they have more studio support.

I don't know who you are or what your industry contacts are but you have no credibility by using headlines like "Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?"
If you actually knew anything about the CE business you'd know that Sony has no intentions of "pulling the plug".
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