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Default I am glad you noticed

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
Sorry to take such a small snip of your quote but this is exactly the same thing I have noticed on different HDM review sites. They do all these reviews talking about the picture and sound quality then you look at what they use to review and it's like a 26" Samsung CRT tube and a Sony HTIB!!?!???!
Just amazing.

I am REALLY glad you noticed.

It was a little scary showing my home to the world but I wanted to make the point about walking the walk and talking the talk.

I took $13,000 in commissions from 1/2 a sale at Cello Los Angeles - back when I worked for Mark Levinson - and parlayed that into what we have today. No VC. No IPO. Just hard work and a LOT of reinvestment. By that I mean working with reviewers, helping them with their systems and getting a lot of help from MANY companies over the years to stay cutting edge.

That's why when people challenge our cred - ask Lenoard Maltin what he thinks of Bill Warren our Home Video editor. Ask him why he is a contributing editor to his guide? Do other publications have that and FOR FREE!!!!! ????

I am not complaining. I am just thankful that people notice because before I bust out $10,000 for HD disc players, installs etc... I could just take the money home but I didn't and I don't. Hell, I spent $3,000 on a PS3 last year and you will note we have a home theater oriented 5200 word FULL FEATURE posted in 36 hours!!!!! Can a print mag do that? That is a solid NO.
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