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Default Re: Suggested plasma displays for high altitude?

Mr. Miller,

The industrial panels are rated to 9100 feet as well. Although I love the cosmetics and extra control options of the industrial models (both picture controls and RS-232 controls) I don't believe that they are for everyone.

Many people buy these panels not recognizing that hey often lack inputs that must be purchased and installed later (HDMI boards). Plus, when these boards are in limited supply, delaers will often jack prices up to nearly double MSRP.

If you like the cosmetics of the industrial product (flat black finish instead of the shinny black of the new models) you may want to check out the PE77 series panels that are in CostCo and I think Sam's club is getting. It is the cosmetic of the PX77 series but no anti-glare screen and the finish is a matte black. I think it is their best cosmetic for consumer ever.


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