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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
And would this "one person" you talked to at Toshiba be in marketing?
Yeah those marketing guys really know their technical points. The data he shared with me about how they increased the pit size and how the discs are still storing data at the same level, etc. is the kind of stuff you hear from PR.

No I made a call to someone in R&D that I met years back. We're friends and he says at CES they'll be showing off both 34GB and 51GB discs.

Do you think it matters to the studios that HD-DVD has been selling more standalones than Blu-Ray or do you think it matters more that Blu-Ray movies are outselling HD-DVD movies 2-1??
I think they care about attachment rates. I think they care that one side seems to be gaining steam in sales for hardware. With the attachment rates they can see that if Toshiba produces a steady amount of hardware sales (100,000 per month would do it) then they'd surpass BD in software sales by April/May.

Certain titles, and releases of new machines will change the landscape a bit (unless you think that Transformers was just "normal" for HD DVD). They provide instant gratification and sway the numbers some. It's the catalog titles and how they perform as a whole over a period of time that Studios truly care about.

Once again do you think the studios think that since the 2-1 sales advantage by Blu-Ray is just because of the PS3 so they are going to ignore it?
Hmmm... Paramount and Dreamworks already did.

PS3 sales are up 300% & Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End, Die Hard 4, Cars, Ratatouille & others only on Blu-Ray I see the 2-1 gap in sales increasing & that is the only thing the studios care about.
Wow PS3 had one good week and everything is fixed. Those 300,000 players were all bought to play BDs and the world is a better place for Sony. I'm sure they're extremely happy. You see the sales increasing, but that's not the case. So it might happen soon, but really the 120,000 Toshiba players sold since the $98 weekend started is a much more significant number. In a matter of 10 days they've increased their at home size by nearly 33%. That is affecting sales.

Shrek 3, Bourne Ultimatum, blah, blah.

We can all play that game, but it's why the war is a stalemate. Nothing is improving and if anything they're just getting closer and closer.

Attachment rates and let's be honest price of the gear is important. The Toshiba units will be going for $199 all holiday season. That seems to be a good number for them, and is still moving them off the shelves at Best Buy. I was at one today for BD titles for my Samsung, and asked if they had any A3s and was told "nope, we keep selling out, but we have a lot for next Friday. You should come then."

Think about the fact that Toshiba was outselling BD by around 56%, 3% combos, 41% BD players every month. This month will be a lot different when the numbers come out. It will be like 90% Toshiba.

BD players just aren't selling. PS3 is distorting software sales numbers, and yes the Studios do care, because there are already millions of PS3s out there, and another 300,000 for the month of November won't mean that much. They will approach a point of diminishing returns.

Sony needs to get a $300 unit or less out there ASAP. The consumer cares about price.
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