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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

I own both formats and have backed them both from the start at Note: our volume of HD DVD and Blu-ray reviews from professional movie reviewers (not some jerk-off videophiles). I spent the money to pay to upgrade their systems, set them up with HDTVs and surround sound as well as installation. I have also made money from both camps thus if you want to call me a whore in the process (it would be very AVS of you) at least I take it from both sides!!!

With that said - I think HD DVD has the edge right now. Afforfordable players. The better name (EVERYONE knows what an HD DVD is at this point because they know what HD is and they know what a DVD is). They also have some solid titles and I think titles will drive this battle going forward.

Is the battle over? HELL NO.

Do you think Sony is going to let Beta happen all over again? Not without a fight? They have STRONG studio support and a good foot hold in the gaming market. They need another salvo with BIG titles and low-cost players. Note: Sony is still marketing in to the enthuiast crowd yet Toshiba and Dreamworks are not. Not at least on the Internet which was the driving force of the $99 players. NOT ads on TV.

Don't discount the power of porn. It won for VHS and seemingly HD DVD has a leg up (so to speak) in that world. More porn gets sold in the US than music these days.

Sony needs to get their music label to start releasing Blu-ray music discs in HUGE volumes. Start with the SACD backcatalog with 100 new HOT titles. And go from there with 5 new ones per week. You want Blu-ray back. Put out some smut and put out high res music.

This war will NOT be won during a football game nor will it be won on a video game platform alone.
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