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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The one person at Toshiba I talked to about it laughed it off as more negative BS from the BD camp and said "it's just another layer on the disc, but I suppose the BD triple layer and quad layer BDs will work just fine right?" Then he laughed some more. He went into the technical side of it with me, and he's right there is no reason it shouldn't work fine. Just as there was no reason the BD DLs shouldn't have worked fine (but some online were saying wouldn't work with their players). It's more negativity from opposing camps because they fear losing or some nonsense.
And would this "one person" you talked to at Toshiba be in marketing?

For all but 3 months, Toshiba has outsold EVERY BD manufacturer combined every month. Throw in the 360 addon, and for "movie playback only," units and BD in standalone players is getting killed.
Do you think it matters to the studios that HD-DVD has been selling more standalones than Blu-Ray or do you think it matters more that Blu-Ray movies are outselling HD-DVD movies 2-1??

The millions of PS3s are the only thing causing the 2:1 software sales lead.
Once again do you think the studios think that since the 2-1 sales advantage by Blu-Ray is just because of the PS3 so they are going to ignore it?

PS3 sales are up 300% & Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End, Die Hard 4, Cars, Ratatouille & others only on Blu-Ray I see the 2-1 gap in sales increasing & that is the only thing the studios care about.

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