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Default Re: Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Do you have proof of that statement?
Everything I've read on here has Toshiba saying the 51G should work or May work not that it will work.
It was approved by the DVD Forum.

Universal has titles in the works.

The one person at Toshiba I talked to about it laughed it off as more negative BS from the BD camp and said "it's just another layer on the disc, but I suppose the BD triple layer and quad layer BDs will work just fine right?" Then he laughed some more. He went into the technical side of it with me, and he's right there is no reason it shouldn't work fine. Just as there was no reason the BD DLs shouldn't have worked fine (but some online were saying wouldn't work with their players). It's more negativity from opposing camps because they fear losing or some nonsense.

Or you could choose to believe Bill Hunt over at digitalbits who says it "may or may not," work. That's about as fence riding as you can get. He quotes people saying it won't, but then covers his tail with the "maybe it will." He also can't quote an actual person because the person talking likely doesn't know so they say "no you can't quote me."

Once it's not vaporware we'll all know. However lets consider the fact that if it was incompatible from the get go and they knew that, then they likely would have been saying that from the start.
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