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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray? NO

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
You be cute and distort, that's fine.
People that want to actually know should read the part of the interview I first put up and draw their own conclusions and not take it from a HD-DVD fanboy. I have both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray but you shouldn't take it from me either. Just read it.
I'm not an HD DVD fan boy. I don't own either. Currently I have a unit from Samsung that plays both. I'm finding that BD does have a better picture on some films at a level that HD DVD hasn't yet reached, and may not be able to.

Also I'm not the one distorting anything. Point to any other interview, statement, etc. by ANYONE at Sony that never says "We're winning, we have the best, we're happy, we expect to win." He doesn't say anything like that in there. Never has anyone from Sony ever had that attitude in an interview. That is the reason the press is jumping on this.

Do I think the title is a dangerous one to this thread? Yes. Do I think my thread titled Sony ready to raise a White Flag is as leading? No. Sony in the form of Stringer does want to find a way to entice consumers to buy into High Definition. Nothing is really working with the exception of possibly a $98 player.

For all but 3 months, Toshiba has outsold EVERY BD manufacturer combined every month. Throw in the 360 addon, and for "movie playback only," units and BD in standalone players is getting killed. The millions of PS3s are the only thing causing the 2:1 software sales lead.

Still even if you combined both HD DVD and BD standalone player sales, they both don't add up to what Sony thought they (BD Group) could sell in one year (and they're well past the one year point). Sales are not close to half of what was expected in software.

This is a real problem. This is SACD/DVD A battle all over again.

The consumers are not buying. I believe I've read that less than 3% of people buying an HDTV are buying either format. That is horrible. Consider that millions of HDTVs are sold every month, but combined the high def players are barely scratching 150,000 units. The best week any of them ever had was the 90,000 weekend by Toshiba.

Something has to be done. Is it just price that is holding them back?

If that is the case, then Sony needs a 1080i unit on shelves selling for $199.
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