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Red face Re: Blu-ray and HD DVD in one box

Originally Posted by Telstar View Post
LG SATA combo drive is on sale now.
Yes, you can buy one for 299.00 (CAD). I just found out about this product and I'm getting one the Friday after Black Friday. My system consist of Power DVD Ultra (it will decode the new sound formats also) - Audigy 2ZS Platinum with breakout cable (I actually used my PC as a preamp at one time), Nvidia 8500 512mb video card, K-World ATSC-110 hybird tuner, outside OTA antenna, Dual Core 3.4ghz Processor, Windows XP Pro, 2gb dual channel ram, and an Asus Motherboard (I have overclocked the processor up to 3.6ghz) and my Motorola 6416 III HD cable box is connected to my pc via firewire. I'm also running Total Meida 3, and Media Portal as Front-ends. I'm using an Xbox 360 addon for HD-DVD and AnyDVD HD for any problems. This outputs to my Sharp HD projector.

Before HD-DVD and Blu-ray I've always used my computer to upscale DVD's with DScaler and the like. I believe we techies can have the best of both worlds without having to pay the expensive prices to plunge into High Def Disc (well HD-DVD killed the expensive excuse).

I have run this system with great sucess but I have to make sure that I turn off TSR's when playing my HD-DVD's (virus protection will try to download and scan while playing a film and cause hangs - very distracting - just kill the app and it works fine). In some strange way I belive its people like me that the industry fears. Look I'm not looking to make HD copies to sell and distribute. What computer geeks do like however - is the convienience of not having to pull out the disc everytime (keeps them from being scratched too). I don't mine having a license assigned to my content (as long as it doesn't expire). We just like pushing a button - sitting in a chair with a wireless keyboard and mouse and never having to open a tray except for the initial time that we play a title. Yeah, that is lazy ain't it.

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