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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by glocksout View Post
I guess we can argue back and forth, but we'll all just be guessing unless Stringer clarifies what he meant. But why people have to pull one word out of an entire interview and create all kinds of rumors about it is a ridiculous thing to do.

I don't believe he was talking about the war in general as the context for that "stalemate" word was packaged media.
Well I can see if someone here wants to interview him and set it up.

That would clarify it. I already know what he meant.... because it's also PLAINLY obvious. HD DVD player sales have lead all but 3 months in the past 18 months. HD DVD lead in software sales until the PS3 was released. HD DVD sold 90,000 units in one weekend. They moved software to lower the 2:1 lead. They had a title sell more than any other title so far on either side (I don't know the Spider-Man 3 numbers). A Studio changed alliances.

Things aren't changing. No one side is pulling away. Nothing seems to work to get units packaged with HDTVs.

Obviously they're in a stalemate. There is nothing right now to show that one side will pull away this holiday. So they'll still be fighting it out, but likely in lower than expected numbers because consumers just aren't catching on.

So I'd say it was in a stalemate a quagmire, you name it. For the CEO to admit it, is well surprising. However it appears it may be a good thing. He wants to find a way to win consumers.
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