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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Originally Posted by glocksout View Post
I'm sorry, Lotus, you are wrong. The "stalemate" quote is taken out of context. This is why everywhere you see it the only word from the whole paragraph quoted is "stalemate."

The context of the "stalemate" quote was in packaged media.

Basically he's saying the fight over studio support is a stalemate. HD DVD isn't going to gain anymore studios right now, and Blu-ray isn't going to gain anymore studios right now. That's a stalemate.

Nowhere in the entire interview does he say they're ready to pack up and go home.

When he gets to the bottom of that paragraph he's switched to the "digital future" which is more than just packaged media.

But Stringer is obviously not very knowledgeable about the formats entirely because he said the PS3 would need a different disc drive, which is wrong.

He goes on to talk optimistically about the benefits of Blu-ray and the advantages it has over HD DVD.

Nowhere in the entire interview does he say they are going to drop Blu-ray. It's foolish and cruel to attribute that rumor to this one word out of an entire interview.
No he was talking about the war in general with the quote. The PS3 still being around, the war not being all that important, etc. was not all about packaged media.
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