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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray? NO

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
I can't believe all you see, if you actually read it completely, is stalemate out of everything he said. And yes most news sites are taking this way out of context,saying :Is Sony ready to throw in the towel? and other ridiculous things like that . Did he say boy we are at a stalemate and there is nothing left to do? No he says "We have a SORT of stalemate AT THE MOMENT. As you know, they had fewer studios, but then they paid a lot of money for Paramount. So we have four studios and they have two or three studios. It's a difficult... it's a difficult fight."

Then most of the rest of the interview was about how much better Blu-Ray is and how much support it enjoys. Finally that they were playing nice but now the gloves are off.
My God, you people look for anything you can to start a fight. He is talking about the war, then says "stalemate," then follows it up with what he thinks put it in a stale mate. Then he says the war isn't that important, that Sony is more interested in Software sales (for their Studio). He also mentions that the PS3 will still be around.

He then shows he has little understanding of Blu-Ray saying things like 6 hours of movies over bandwidth...

What he is personally doing behind the scenes as I type this has nothing to do with taking gloves off.
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