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Default Re: Is Sony Ready To Pull The Plug On Blu-ray?

Honestly Jerry Del Colliano,

Threads like this cause this forum to lose credibility. Can we have a rationale discussion about a topic like this without wild speculation, sesationalized editorializing, and taking things grossly out of context? Is this Fox news or a respectable journal? The content of your post is largely balanaced but your wording of your topic header is wreckless and smells of adolescent-debate tactics.

Of course these comments by Sony's CEO are pointed and worthy of good discussion. There's good fodder for some good debate in there. But to try to suggest from them that Sony is abandoning Blu-ray is not only rediculious, its irresponsible journalism. Let's try to preserves some sense of integrity on this site, shall we?

No one is taking anything he is saying out of context. The man went from declaring victory to calling it a "stalemate," referred to the race as "doesn't mean as much as all that." Declared that even if they lose they still have the PS3.

When has Howard Stringer or Sony ever said anything close to that? Never. Obviously Sony "cares," but they went from declaring victory to mentioning stalemate. I'm sorry but that is news and it's not taken out of context at all.
While I do have a problem with this thread's header, I don't have a problem with these comments by Lotus. I agree that there's a profound shift in "strategy" by these latest comments from Sony's CEO. However, I think this is more about appearances than about Sony "pulling the plug" on Blu-ray.

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