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Default Re: new guy,out of the loop

This evening has been subwoofer night,still doing the reciever search,I did find out that if I get a HD player with the new audio software in the player,and analog outputs,I can run them into my Rotel that way,and get the new hi res dolby etc.So this might not be as huge a project as I originally thought.I am running a Parts Express 1000w Titanic seal sub,I emailed Parts express and had them run some simulations to see what I need to turn it into a vented sub.They told me I needed a port 3' dia and 4 in long,and I would gain about 3dB from around 20-80 across the board,and be pretty flat.So I am 90% done cutting the hole in the sub,and got the $1.28 piece of PVC pipe ,I should be done with about another hour of work.I will still need to order a resistor ? to put in line to llimit the sub from going below 20hz they said.
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