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Originally Posted by pws442 View Post
How do I see the current firmware rev installed in my Denon? I upgraded a few weeks ago without any difficulties, just curious how to see what the rev is?
Thanks. Here are the exact detail that may help others.

In order to see some background status information, such as the current firmware revision, follow these procedures from the front panel: make sure it is On, then turn it off with the small button. While holding down the return and status buttons, turn it on with the small buttons. The Serial number will display. Keep hitting the status button to cycle through the settings.

My settings are:
Serial Number: 705150XXXX
Main : 1.28, Sub : 00.32
DSP1 36.49, DSP2 39.39
Ethernet IMG I200709050353
Ethernet BL B200707020733
Ethernet CNE C 20070905
Ethernet Web W200709050354
Ethernet MAC 005cd-XXXXXXX
GUI FPGA Config A070129B
GUI PRG 00007621
GUI DAT 37750004
DGTL PLD : 00.50

I put the Xs in the S/N and MAC address, God knows why!

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I noticed there is a new icon on the display now too, "monitor" lights up under the volume level in the upper right hand corner when my display is on.
My revision shows the Monitor indication as well.
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